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Robot Magazine- Flight controller roundup

*APM 2.5 is a standout on price versus performance.

*Mission planner gets special praise on it's own

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Locking bullet connectors

I prefer to use bullet connectors between motor and ESC. Lot's of folks use solder on these joints for a very good reason. One loose connection on a multirotor motor circuit can spell disaster. In addition to the possibility of a loose connection, it is often the case that the heat shrink insulation can leave a small gap between the two parts of the bullet. I want all…


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Crash test

Well I feel better now. I'm always a little nervous to fly a new ship until the first crash. You never know how she'll deal with adversity. 

I was flying FPV in loiter at ~15m when it suddenly pulled hard right and back making a nice arc into the ground at about 20kph according to the telemetry log. The current jumped from the ~30A normal to over 60A in the…


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Failure is an option

It's raining robots-

That will be the headline all of us will cringe at, when the Media goes manic over the first commercial drone crashes of any significance. The same way they do anytime something new takes a stumble (or two).

The thought of my craft hitting somebody really haunts my mind. I'm sorry to be a downer, this topic is definitely a buzz-kill…


Added by Joshua Ott on January 7, 2013 at 7:30pm — 29 Comments

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