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Formula1 quadcopter

If someone has problems with the video (music copyright) please check this linkVideo

Hi all,

some weeks ago while I was watching a Formula1 race I started to think in this idea, why not develop a Formula1 shape quadcopter? I was thinking about the best way to fit the shape of an F1 car…


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ArduCopter on a short film

Look at minute 9:46 to see the aerial images:
(diydrones logo is on credits also)
And some scenes of the making off (first minute):
Some months ago, Dario Lopez, a local director calls me to take…

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ArduSpider: Sara (My daughter´s robot)

(I´d specially like the last part...)

Hi All,

this project could be a bit out of scope here but this is also a recycling project. I used an old Ardupilot board and 3 old servos to construct this robot... And there is also a nice story behind this project:

Some weeks ago, my daughter (4 years old) said me:…


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Indoor fun with a tiny ArduCopter quadcopter

Do you have an…

Added by Jose Julio on November 15, 2010 at 11:12am — 261 Comments

ArduPilotMega IMU shield vibration test results

Hi all,…

Added by Jose Julio on May 27, 2010 at 3:34pm — 14 Comments

ArduIMU quadcopter part III

Hi all, I have a new drone in the family...

This tiny drone is able to do completely automatic flights, it can perform altitude hold (based on sonar sensor) and obstacle avoiding based on IR distance sensors (you could see the "black stange eyes" on the photo). It´s your…


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ArduPilot Mega sensor shield testing report II

Hi all,
This is the weekly report of ardupilot mega development :-)
We have developed the library for the DataFlash log memory. This function is really interesting, because we
would record the flights without the need to carry the laptop and telemetry all times... For example, for
testing the code I simply connected an small battery to the ArduPilot Mega, go outside to make…

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ArduPilot Mega sensor shield testing report

Hi all,…

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ArduIMU Quadcopter part II (mini)

Hi all,
I have finished my second quadcopter with ArduIMU. This time is a "mini" version with only 28cm from rotor to rotor and has the new Jordi´s magnetometer integrated!.
This tiny machine is fantastic, with a great stability. Look at the hands-off part of the video inside house!!
Very funny :-)…

Added by Jose Julio on February 24, 2010 at 3:30pm — 195 Comments

ArduIMU Quadcopter

Is this the quadrotor week? :-)

Hi all, on Christmas holidays I have started my DIY project to construct a cheap (but good performance) quadcopter based on ArduIMU hardware only.

I have used standard props (NO counter rotating) that are easy to get and if we want construct the quad on other size you have no problems finding the right prop. To compensate for torque I mount front and rear motor with a small angle (about 6º, see Photos).… Continue

Added by Jose Julio on January 12, 2010 at 3:28pm — 48 Comments

ArduIMU code tests/improvements II

I have implemented the dynamic weighting of accelerometer info and works very well...

I have made some flight test and the IMU can register some difficult maneuvers like rolls and loopings...

Well, rolls are not difficult for an IMU (there are no centrifugal forces involved) but loopings are quite difficult.

I´d also start to make some test of the robustness of the IMU/stabilization in difficult flight conditions. I flight in manual mode, do some "strange" maneuvre and then let… Continue

Added by Jose Julio on November 13, 2009 at 10:51am — 8 Comments

ArduIMU code tests/improvements

Hi all, hola Jordi!. I have made some test flights with a modified arduIMU code in stabilization assist mode with good results. Mi test platform is a small swift II wing (this is not an easy plane for an IMU...). See telemetry video

I have been working on an imu and AP code for some months. I have tested it and fly it and works well on normal conditions. When I… Continue

Added by Jose Julio on October 27, 2009 at 10:50am — 11 Comments

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