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L1/L2 GNSS RTK Kit for Drone DIY

Get the centimeter-accurate multi-GNSS L1/L2 GNSS kit for your drone DIY projects. Standard 433/915 MHz and high-end radio versions are available.

Standard radio versions are 915 MHz (US) and 433 MHz (Europe). The two radio transmitters in an RTK system need to be able to pass RTCM data from the base station to the rover receiver. The bundle includes a basic…


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Tersus Announces Precis Board Firmware V1.15 Release

We are glad to release the latest firmware update to Precis OEM boards, the 1.15 version. Firmware V1.15 provides users with more robust RTK fix solution and accuracy. It provides other improved performance such as RTK solution of long baseline. Some known issues have been fixed as well. All update improves RTK positioning performance and high-precision navigation in more challenging…


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GNSS-Aided Inertial Navigation System

The INS-T-306 is the advanced module that combines GPS L1/L2, GLONASS, BDS navigation and a high-performance strap-down system. It is capable of determining position, velocity and absolute orientation (heading, pitch and roll) for any device on which it is…


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Road test demo of BX306 GNSS RTK receiver with tree cover & tall buildings

Precis-BX306 is a GNSS RTK board (GPS L1L2/GLONASS G1G2/BDS B1B2) for accurate position. This board offers real-time & cm-level…


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Tersus GNSS Launches New Precis-BX306 RTK Board

We launched the brand new GNSS RTK Board, the Precis-BX306 to market in April. A series of other new products and accessories were also showcased.…


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RTK GPS for Land Survey and Aerial Photography Service

Precis RTK system is being used for some pretty cool stuff. Mr. Stephen Noble, owner of Drone Surveying, used Precis RTK boards to provide land survey and aerial photography service in Australia. By leveraging L1/L2 GPS frequencies for accuracy and reliability, when fixed in RTK or PPK mode, their equipment provides centimeter absolute accuracy.…


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Zero-baseline test of GNSS receivers

A zero-baseline test of 4 GNSS receivers (Precis-BX305 incl.) was conducted by Daniel Tampubolon from Institute Teknologi Bandung in Indonesia. He used zero-baseline test in order to…


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Shutter Synchronization with PPS Signal

Precis-BX316 GNSS RTK Board (GPS L1L2/GLONASS G1G2/BEIDOU B1B2 with Heading) supports PPS output, which is useful in shutter synchronization. More details, click here

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Logging Event Mark (Precis-BX316) - Demo

With event mark, Precis-BX316 can support camera shutter synchronization, which is useful for aerial mapping and drone-related applications. More details, click here

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Comparing Precis© RTK Systems: BX305, BX316 and TX204

The chart below compares the key specs of the Precis RTK Systems.



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GNSS RTK Receiver (GPS L1L2/Beidou B1B2 with GSM/GPRS/EDGE)

Precis-TX204 is a multi-GNSS receiver with built-in centimeter accuracy RTK, onboard storage and versatile connectivity. The built-in battery can support up to 10 hour continuous field work…


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Static and Kinematic Datasets for Post-processing

Hi there,

Two sample datasets (in Tersus binary format) for static and kinematic scenarios are logged with Precis-BX305 GNSS RTK Board (GPS…


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Pre-order for Precis-BX316

Precis-BX316, the Multi-GNSS, Dual Frequency RTK Board with Dual Antenna for Heading released. Pre-order Now. Check with our sales representatives for details. Key…


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Precis-BX305 Quick Start Video

A quick start video provides basic instruction for setting up and using Precis-BX305 RTK solution. For details, please refer to Precis-BX305 user guide. …


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RTK on Arducopter in Loiter Mode

Watch how Tersus GPS RTK works on Arducopter in Loiter Mode.

Great work from…


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How to connect Precis-BX305 to CORS network with external Bluetooth module and mobile phone

The CORS is an appealing way to do RTK due to its convenience and large coverage area. While…


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Log data with external data logger and convert it into RINEX

Watch this video that shows how to log data with external data logger. The logged binary observation data can be converted in to RINEX format with Tersus GNSS Center.…


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Precis-BX305 Road Test Demo

Test Environment: City Streets with Tree Cover & Tall Buildings…


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Precis-BX305 Quick Start Guide Released

Welcome to the Precis-BX305 Quick Start Guide. Here you will find instructions for how to use the Precis-BX305 RTK board in some simple steps with illustration. Of course, more details of its application could be found in Precis-BX305 User Guide.

We are also…


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RTK GPS: Tersus Rinex Converter V1.0 Released for Post Data Process

Tersus Rinex Converter V1.0 is now ready for release. RINEX is short for Receiver Independent Exchange Format, which is well used for…


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