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UAV mapping in Ethiopia - Looking for Malaria Hotspots

During our latest mission, we went to Ethiopia to map malaria hotspots. The idea is to look for small water bodies which in the dry season are a source for mosquitos and their larvae. From these hotspots, the mosquitos spread in the rainy season all over the region, and if infected by the malaria parasite can do a lot of damage to the local community. I have…


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Workshop on UAV-mapping technology in Lima, Peru

In the framework of the VlIR-UOS-North-South-South initiative aimed at capacity building for developing countries, Latin-American and African Universities participate in a 7 day workshop on UAV-technology, currently being held in Lima, Peru. In this workshop organized by University Nacional la Molina, researchers from Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Cuba and Ethiopia…


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Drone mapping in Peru

University grounds: Above

Below you can find some results of a 4 week mapping campaign I did in Peru along with people from KU Leuven, Belgium and University La Molina, Peru. Images were processed with PIX4D and dronemapper. Special thanks to JP from Dronemapper for the good support and tips&tricks. I hope you like the videos!

Archeological site…


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ArduPlane flies at 4500m altitude


During a 4 weeks mission to Peru we have done several UAV flights for mapping purposes. These included flights at high altitude over the Andes. The highest one was over the scenic “Bosque de Piedras”, at 4500m altitude, where we have mapped a 1km2 area in a matrix flight pattern.



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