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Software development, 150 seconds at a time

Decided to fly with the photodiode azimuth sensing & it was a disaster, as expected. It reminds us of the years spent on Heroine 2200's photodiodes, trying to figure out a way to intelligently detect the start of a period.

Detecting the period was hard.  Fast fourier transform needed much more cycles than our flight time.

The best result was by testing…


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IR protocols & U

Marcy 1 actuator notes

So we tried making the actuator pull the flap instead of push it.  This made gravity the restoring force instead of air.  Maybe it wouldn't need as much power & could stay on full time.  FUGGEDABOUTIT.  It needed just as much power & quickly overheated.  Your best option is a pushing actuator.

Things went better with…


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Marcy 1 actuator development

Now, development of an actuator for Marcy 1.  After all that static testing against gravity, the restoring force from the air wasn't enough to get the flap to straighten.  She just cocked up like a wing at 45 deg.

Since air exerts less force than gravity, maybe actuating the entire wing with some kind of spring as a…


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Actuator excitement


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The 'copter

Now we come to proposed improvements in Marcy 1.  Fired up Her avionics & got the radio to work again.  That was a huge step, but there's a long road of depression between this & golf course flight.

Most micro airplanes have a solenoid actuator for the rudder on the fuselage & no aileron actuator.  We need the aileron actuator, which…


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Season Two of the Trust Time Trial (T3) Contest 
A list of all T3 contests is here. The current round, the Vertical Horizontal one, is here

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