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The ITG3200 started its blog on good terms.  Turns out there's no deadband, but you get a level of 8 bit quantization when reading the analog results in I2C burst mode.




You have to read the analog results…


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Software GPS notes

The main reason for software GPS is a cheap base station, generating RTCM messages to correct altitude measurements.  The aircraft would use a standard hardware module.

#1 the MAX2769 front end is just an analog to digital converter.  It outputs a 1 - 3 bits per sample, digitized form of whatever is on the carrier frequency.

There's no schematic or source code…


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Well, to work in a spin stabilized mode, Marcy 2 would have to spin a

lot faster than a 3 channel coaxial copter can.  Without spin

stabilization, a $40 Syma S107 or a $25 Sky Invader didn't matter

because either way, we needed another gyro to know heading.  A 150

second flight time doesn't demand a very accurate gyro.

Mass produced Marcy 2's would use…


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Stop motion excitement & LCD drivers

Got some high speed photographs of Marcy 1 spinning at flight speed, to see if the actuator & the wing did anything.   A slow motion video cam would be nice.




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Dean burn #2

For the 2nd time, we plugged the genderless micro Dean connectors in the wrong way & got an explosion followed by fire.



Without any gender, many a modeler has plugged 2 batteries into each other with these connectors, but why would anyone except a complete idiot say anything bad about a connector they spent $5 on?  Well, let us be the 1st…


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Season Two of the Trust Time Trial (T3) Contest 
A list of all T3 contests is here. The current round, the Vertical Horizontal one, is here

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