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This week in unemployment

It's the National Ignition Facility, the most powerful laser in the world. $4 billion. 500 Terrawatts. Enough power to feed 413,223 time machines. It requires 5 hours between each 4ns laser firing to cool down.

It was too windy to get very high. Only got 1 shot at 400ft. Angle of attack got to the abort limit where GPS could be lost & conventional control… Continue

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This week in unemployment

Flight test photos. It sux, but renaming a ship is bad luck. We still

fly ships named after Russian Heroine. Scorpio is very prominent this

time of year, providing an ironic background.

So in using a model to aid Marcy-1 navigation, the velocity due to

cyclic is always a sine wave in all 3 dimensions… Continue

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The unemployed masses continue to reach new heights in aerospace achievement never seen by cube or paystub. Updated vicacopter.com with new photos, videos, & sourcecode.

So the MRF49XA we've battled finally got an upgrade. It's the MRF89XA &

it has a 32x bigger FIFO, hardware packetizing, hardware CRC, & now

requires a 12.8Mhz crystal so throw away all your 10Mhz crystals.

Work slowly resumes on neural networks for… Continue

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So found out the reason for the sudden flip during NAPA flight #1. Noticed on NAPA flight #4 the grip tape was slipping & managed to save her to see the grip tape completely loose on the ground. Unfortunately an attempt to reinforce it with duct tape failed & she crashed hard on NAPA flight #5 with the propellers having slipped forward & with the pilot assuming they were slipped aft, ramming Her into… Continue

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