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The quest for indoor flying areas


 Managed to get extremely tight XY position hold, with manual collective, no wind, & no attitude sensing.  There is a settling period, which is nowhere near stable enough to fly in the apartment.  The main requirement was large integrals.  The plot…


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Note that Marcy vision is our quadrotor's fuselage with a board from an

abandoned ground rover, complete with H bridges, servo headers, & a

900Mhz radio.


So the Logitec C510 has fixed exposure.  Search through the kernel for

V4L2_CID_EXPOSURE_AUTO.  Unfortunately, there's no way to manually set

the exposure & it picks a…


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Since getting video into a computer is cheaper than ever, we've been

contemplating the idea of a cheap, turret mounted camera for position

tracking.  The sonar transducer is a huge source of weight & it doesn't

look like Marcy 1 will ever be stable enough to stay in sonar range.

The reduction in board size & transducer weight would pay…


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The autopsy was finally done on Vika 1's final crash, on Sep 27, 2010.

No idea what caused the crash.  The best theory was mechanical failure

of the tail rotor servo horn.  The original theory was a lucky PWM glitch sending

the servo into a safe mode.…


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