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LCROSS IMU failure -> fuel exhausted

LCROSS IMU malfunction

It just shows how even for the pros, something as basic as the IMU & AHRS can still ruin your day. You think it's just a matter of pimping a couple trillion dollars from the slaves, buying a super expensive AHRS to do something that's been done for 60 years & moving on to more important things like trajectory design. This is the stuff hobbyists struggle over, not… Continue

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NASA blog 4 U


4 those of U who want to know what it's like to operate a fixed wing UAV professionally, this is a good read, after work. U think a few thousand bucks in a tried & true fixed wing gets U a bulletproof hands off system but it doesn't. They have to watch for icing in flight, check weather before flight, verify thousands of systems, troubleshoot glitches, fix balky radios, & test fly before the actual mission.

This is all after the… Continue

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