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The truth about the helix

Beauty crash. Every day has ended in a crash since the last blog post. Had the propeller mounting bolts come loose. Had battery voltage suddenly drop to 9.11 & a complete loss of attitude control.

Found cyclic integral isn't resetting between autopilot flicks.

Attitude hold mode is a joy to fly manually. She flies like the Corona again. Very stable & more visually satisfying than a bunch of symmetric… Continue

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Tried APC propellers again. Propeller struck ground but didn't bend. Motor broke off mount & propeller struck ESC, damaging something. ESC started smoking. Fortunately we test fly on the golf course instead of a dry field. It's been a long time of occupied storage, but now it's time to trash the APC's.…


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was our trip to NASA.

The thing that disappointed us was how banal the aircraft were. Our focus was always making the hopelessly unstable stable through software & here our government was flying tried & true, statically stable gliders, pushers, & R-maxes. It was hardly the crazy stunt that Ares-1 was.

Sadly, we were depressed about the Air Force. Last year… Continue

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Season Two of the Trust Time Trial (T3) Contest 
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