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ROOF CRASH! (Why XBeePRO 900's suck)

A routine mission to photograph NASA from our day job almost ended in tragedy as our XbeePRO 900's lost contact & the vehicle headed for a roof.

The XbeePRO 900's sucked from day 1. The problem seems to be they only do 50mW compared to the 90mW of the original XBee PRO 2.4Ghz. They also spread the signal more omnidirectionally, making for all around weaker reception.

900Mhz normally had 10% packet loss while… Continue

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C328 product page

Finally a UART camera you can multiplex with telemetry. It's a way of getting live preview video without the insane price of 900Mhz video or the bandwidth conflicts of 2.4Ghz video. With 2 Xbees & a computer to control it, it's the cheapest video downlink you're going to get.…


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Above Sunnyvale

Found a few safe landing zones in North Sunnyvale to lift off from. 1 area is closer to the subject of interest, but with higher risk of getting jammed.

Had a day job here in 2000, in a building which has since been destroyed

& replaced. Our old man worked across the street in the 80's.

He… Continue

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The dry Stanford lake bed

is a long long long drive from the east bay on 25mph roads. Then on weekdays you're greeted with permit parking only, anywhere within 1/2 mile of the lake bed. Fortunately, U can park in the golf course parking & walk 1/2 a mile to get in.

It has scattered tall weeds, making landings tricky.

It's a very large area with spectacular views from 400ft,… Continue

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Skeletal Remains Found At Old Alameda Naval Base


Getting freaked out? Maybe he was in 1 of these shots & we didn't know it. Maybe he lost an airplane in the toxic waste area & didn't make it back. How many skeletons R near your flying area?…


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south bay blackhawk

Anyone see the blackhawk flying circuits over the south bay? Bet it was autonomous because it was over unpopulated areas, in line of sight of Mountain View, & flying an extremely boring mission.

Added by Jack Crossfire on October 6, 2009 at 1:30pm — 6 Comments

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