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A conversation with Raphael Pirker

Patrick Egan and the sUAS News podcast were lucky enough to be able to talk to Raphael Pirker (aka Trappy) and his counsel Brendan Schulman earlier today.

Find it here for your listening pleasure.…


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Down on the farm with drones

Patrick Egan

There are bushels of folks out there now spending money and putting time in finding niches for unmanned systems that already exist. You may be saying, isn’t that what we should be doing? Possibly, but first we have to understand that the idea of carrying sensors on aircraft is not revolutionary, it has been going on for years. Drones too,…


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The Next Decade of American Airspace with Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson, the former Editor-in-Chief of Wired and now CEO of 3-D Robotics, talks with The Atlantic's James Fallows about the role of drones for civilian uses. This program is part of The Atlantic Meets the Pacific 2013 conference presented by The Atlantic and UC San Diego. (#25784)…


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Behold part of the future Flextrotor flies from autonomous boat.

I can't get enough of this platform

The aircraft is Aerovel’s 20-kg Flexrotor, which combines VTOL and small footprint with Hawaii-to-West Coast range. The carrier is a 4-metre skiff equipped to launch, retrieve, and service…


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Trappy's Counsel File Motion To Dismiss

Well it's begun and this case will have an impact on all of you in the USA in one way or another. For those that did not hear about it Trappy is facing a $10,000 dollar fine.

The Complaint alleges that on or about October 17, 2011, Mr. Pirker (a Swiss citizen residing overseas) was the “pilot in command” of a “Ritewing Zephyr powered glider…


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