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Observer Airframe, now heres a challenge

From an email that Rob just sent... Now I'm sure we all have ideas for what we would like in an airframe.

If you put it here I'll make sure he reads this thread.

The desert hawk is epp, and so are others being developed. We are producing airframes

for a major UK military contractor, its gone UAV crazy over here with a massive dedicated centre being built here in Bristol.

It would be good fun to create a…


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Another airframe

Whilst flicking through the pages of a magazine, I came across....

The only down side for South Africa and in particular up here in the mountains is the size, probably can't lift a camera as well with a high density altitude.

I send an email off to Flying Wings asking for a bigger one and Robert Swynnerton very quickly replied that they were building one for our very purpose that would be available soon.

Called the…


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UAV causes media stir.

Go here first.

Is more being made of this than is necessary?? I wonder why the reporters spin did not point towards the environmental benefit of UAV's less gas than the helicopter. The newscopter that was chasing, is that not invading the privacy of some police officers on a private farm??…


Added by Gary Mortimer on November 23, 2007 at 2:12am — 7 Comments

Interesting looking airframe

Whilst perusing RC groups I came across this challenger review, looks just the job for aerial photos, combining size (lifting ability) and a rear mounted engine. I'm sure it would'nt take too much effort to make this a tail dragger. No prop in forward facing shots.

Whilst your there its worth having a look at… Continue

Added by Gary Mortimer on November 5, 2007 at 1:09pm — 3 Comments

Load Calculator links

Well good old Google as ever comes up trumps...

I'm sure there are many others that people know about.

Perhaps there should be a page of useful…


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And on looking at the E6B

It would seem that being +30 at 4000' means something, which of course I already knew, but just what is the drop in performance on a 50 odd inch wing trainer??

What magic program or website could tell me that to lift lets say an extra 1KG of equipment at a density altitude of 7000' the aircraft would need to be X wingspan with Y power up front??

There must be…


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Back home

Settled back in South Africa after the glorious world cup rugby victory!! A storm is brewing outside so can't stay long!

I have been itching to get a shot of animals to start the process of getting software to spot them for me (grown ups will work that out)

It also crossed my mind whilst flying down to South Africa that a Zagi or some such flying wing would be a very robust platform to play with. Having never flown a powered flying wing I made up a balsa box for engine and…


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