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Overview of the 2017 SUSB Expo May 4-6

The Small Business Unmanned Systems Exposition 2017 is one more week out May 4, 5th and 6th and this is your limited opportunity to get an edge on your competition in the volatile sUAS market. 

The upcoming Expo Viewpoint episodes will cover the people and events happening at…


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U.S. UAS Airspace Integration Timeline

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Podcast Interview With Tad McGeer

Tad McGeer has 25 years of experience in the unmanned aircraft world. He is responsible for Aerosonde and the Scan Eagle as well as the first unmanned transatlantic flight (1998). If you want to hear the history of drones hear it from a guy who lived (and helped invent) it.…


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Looking For A More Commercial Focus To Your UAS Advocacy Effort?

Your support is needed!

There is a lot at stake, much is riding on the regulation that is forthcoming. We have limited time left on the clock to shape our economic future and the unmanned technologies operating environment.


We have given the existing advocacy program six years, and unfortunately we have very little to show. That is not to be…


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FAA BVLOS Committee Formed

The FAA has formed a new committee with industry participation for end-users that want to fly Beyond-Visual-line-Of-Sight (BVLOS). RCAPA was included in the list of thirty-one different industry groups to give input to the current FAA UAS ARC about “immediate, near and long-term issues/hurdles are or…


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Video of the 2014 Small Unmanned Systems Business Expo

Video of the 2014 SUSB Expo - Free for the public to view. Day 1:


Day 2:



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Drone TV at National Association Of Broadcasters Show In Las Vegas

Drone TV We see a wide array of different systems and new products at NAB…


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California Call To Action

California Tell Your Elected Officials You Support Drones



California bill AB1327 would allow law enforcement and public agencies to use drones. This means technology and service jobs for…


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Drone TV Network

The sUAS News Group has launched the Drone TV Network in an effort to inform and educate both the unmanned aviation community and the general public about the commercial applications that embrace this transformative technology.

sUAS News has partnered with MahaPix Studio to produce this video series. The husband and wife…


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FAA Lets UAS Airworthiness Cat Out of the Bag

The cat may have inadvertently been let out of the satchel about UAS airworthiness and certification on twitter. There are also some indications that the small rule is being redrafted. Again, while these iterations are made the small business guy is sitting on the sideline. I have expressed multiple concerns over the years about any aircraft…


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I Want My Drone TV


sUAS News introduces one more platform to bring the news and current events to the community and public at large. Originally envisioned as a series of 60 second Public Service Announcements (PSA) “This Is My Drone” where civilian end-users would talk about some of the positives unmanned technology is capable of providing. For example, I’m farmer Brown, and…


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How Did The U.S. Lag So Far Behind On UAS Integration

While it is no big revelation the FAA’s successive FAA administrators have been fiddling while the UAS/RPAS airspace integration Rome has burnt to the ground, but here we will examine how far ahead the rest of the world is and why?

The graphic aptly illustrates who is leading the…


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Give The FAA Preemptive NPRM Feedback


Be sure to tell them you are ready to get to work legally and share your ideas for progress etc. Tell them that regular access to the NAS in 2020 is unacceptable. SHare your thoughts on pilot and observer certification, aircraft certification and limitations on autonomous aids.…


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Small Unmanned Systems Business Exposition

"There won't be any Predators preying on the unsuspecting at

the Small Unmanned Systems Business Expo being held

in San Francisco on July 25-26, but rather a group

of entrepreneurs praying that they can bring enlightenment

to the masses by extolling the values of their small unmanned vehicles.


Sponsored by the sUAS News Group,…


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What's up with the Drone haters?

I guess they made it to TAAC.

And I guess Cindy is looking for something new now that GWB is gone???

We really need to think of ways to showcase the positive side of this technology before the ACLU gets in on the action.

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UAS 2009

This one is mainly policy and less of a trade show. Too bad all of these shows can't line up the dates???

Added by Patrick Egan on May 18, 2009 at 12:00pm — 6 Comments

Light at the end of the regulatory tunnel?

It sounds overly optimistic to me, but it's the best news I've heard in a while.

For the cut and paste crowd

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Congrats on TED Chris!

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Airspace integration, what you can do…

Open to any other suggestions folks might have.

Added by Patrick Egan on October 25, 2008 at 9:25am — 22 Comments

Looking for good low altitude AP or obscure UAS uses…

Looking for something different to use in my UAS 2008 presentation.

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