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Open Source Drone for Aerial Sowing after Wildfires

As you probably know, the increasing temperatures as created a generation of wild fires that are destroying the forests of California, Chile, Spain, Asia, and other different dry areas of the world.

With this problem in mind we have created this hexacopter to perform Automatic Aerial Restorations. We used digital fabrication…


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Dronecoria: Open Source Forest Restoration with Drones

Dear Drone Community,

As you probably know, our wildlife and nature is in danger, only last year millons of hectares was devastated by wildfire in California, Europe, and Asia. If we don't do anything, the…


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flone 3.0: Open Source Drone Ecosystem Instructable

We just published flone 3.0 Instructable: an Open Source Drone Ecosystem.

With up-to-date instructions and new cutting files for fit different materials, and much more!

After the first release of our award winning…


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Open Airspace Manifesto & Call for projects

After the release of the new Amazon prototype of drone delivery, looks like everyone is happy to have Amazon drones in our skies. But some people are concerned about open the door of privatization of our public airspace. Companies and individuals should have the same rights to skyline access. We should understand airspace as an immaterial common…


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Get in contact with a drone (literally)


These are my lasts experiments in body interaction with drones.

The quadcopter flies without battery, connected directly to a power supply.

All strings that hold the drone pass by its center of gravity for keep it balanced.

The drone is a multiwii-based flone controlled by gyro/accel of the smartphone with the…


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Flone, a drone for social innovation

Hi DIY Community,

I would like to share this video with some of the things we've done in one year of development of the project…


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Hi all

I'm glad to present you a video of an artistic project that I made one year ago:

Dronecoria (dronechory): an aerial platform for seed dispersal via nendo dango seed balls, for…


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Seed freedom

A DIY drone seeding platform:

When bees are threatened of extinguished, GMOs sterile crops are everywhere in the world, who is gonna pollinate our local seeds?

Here goes a tutorial of an alternative: Seeding drones, that can seed freedom anywhere in the…


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How to make a Flone


We would like to present you our first artistic video about how to build a flone for flying a smartphone:


Sorry, there is only one sentence in the video and is in spanish, but don't worry finally the drone knows what to do…


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Flone, the flying phone


We are developing Flone: a interface that allows smartphones to fly.

Right now we are starting with the project, so first we design the airframe, it's a H quadcopter with space for electronics and free field of view for the camera of smartphone.

We would like to keep the design "mini" and easy to build.



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Hi all,

I just want to share with the DIYdrones community my project GuerrillaDrone. It's a Y6 copter with a onboard beamer for video projections in the public space.

As you know in Spain we have a strong crisis with a massive injection of money to the banks meanwhile thousands of people are evicted frome their houses, so the…


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Quad copter flying for 4-8 hours

Hi all,

I just want to know your opinion about this page:


It says that their quadcopter can fly for 4-8 hours thanks to their propietary technology.

Anyone knows something about this? It it's…


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Drone activism takes to the skies

The webpage of owni.eu have published a excellent article with a lot of details about non common uses of drones.

Drones maked by hackers are taking the skyes for multiple porpouses: Wireless…


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New group in DIYDrones for spanish speakers

Hi all,

I created a new group for spanish speakers in DIYdrones, some times in Spanish the terminology is quite different, or we can not explain very well technical things in English and we need some space for discussions...

So, Spanish speakers, Welcome!…


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Dutch ministry of defense forbids take aerial pictures without permission

Information taked from the webpage of dutch ministry of defense.

It basically says that only aircrafts that carry people (regular air traffic), people inside are allowed to make pictures,

and also military aircrafts are excepted from the rule.…


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Drone Summit: Killing and Spying by Remote Control

Washington DC, April 28-29, 2012

The peace group CODEPINK and the legal advocacy organizations Reprieve, and the Center for Constitutional Rights are hosting the first international drone summit.

On Saturday, April 28, we are bringing together human rights advocates, robotics technology…


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