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Where'd I Go...

okay, i suddenly had a burst of energy towards this project, and then SUDDENLY, i disappear for a few weeks. What the hell right?

For those of you who haven't been paying attention to Hard forums deals, or wanted ot build a new computer, two things arose that grabbed my attention, and my bank account. For those of you building a computer, listen up, because the price keeps going up...

MS cashback is giving 30% off of any BIN ebay items. this is great.

We found… Continue

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I'm back!

Woot offs are great! I am hoping to buy a recorder like the one i posted for sale the other day :) we go...

We're no longer loading down that poor little predator. Infact, it's role has be relegated to a training machine versus the final project. The main board has changed to something else, lower powered, but, still fun. No programming will be changed, and the basic idea of a network based remote controlled UAV will still be in that plane. The full project isn't… Continue

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Stay tuned...

No i'm not done, nor have i given up. but a few things have changed, and almost all for the better :). in the middle, and almost done with upgrading almost every computing system in my network. New components have arrived and need to be tested. Also have been learning linux, which i have decided is going to be the main OS of the my project. I have until Februray to finish off this project and get my frist autonomous flight logged. If it is not done by then, that will be very… Continue

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Mo' programming, mo' problems- Thank GOD for the IMU

The problem

I think all engineers should play an active part in the programming of any robots they do. I suddenly realize the value of actually and actively sitting down and seeing what your robot can and can't do with the equipment you planned to put on it. A good example might a problem i had with waypoint navigation and the fact that "you have a bearing to head to and an inaccurate compass that updates about once a second" This is not good if your waypoints are close together. If… Continue

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Bah...annoyance. Trevor Taylor has been my rope to sanity, i swear! There's nothing like needing just an Int and having to deal with a "list of Ints". which is the right one? you just never know...

Anyways, i'm going to post up what i have done so far. let you guys play with it, incorporate it, comment on it, add it. I think we're decently protected under the creative common license. There are a few things i would LOVE to just make activities, and they REFUSE to compile a such (no… Continue

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Today is a "work" day

@ 1:39PM

So...after sitting outside for about 30 minutes, i'm pretty sure that the antenna on my GPS is shot. I don't know how or why, but it sends NMEA 0183 nicely, but it doesn't seem to like picking up sats. It blinks a few, but nothing steady or strong. I was using my BT for testing purposes, but it failed, so it looks like i am up for purchasing something else. Maybe something else with WAAS. Nothing 5hz though as my software doesn't want to sample that fast lol.

My… Continue

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The 1 month report

Written on the 20th

Right now, the computer system is almost complete. After numerous discussions on the phone, PC104 boards were added, omitted, and sometimes stared at blankly. The end result is that there is one more PC104 board that had been expected. I guess it was an acquiesce where I wanted to get USB2.0 and was planning to buy an adaptec PCMCIA adatper to go with a dual PCMCIA PC104 board I had. I then found out that ISA bus… Continue

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New panoramic system

after a whole bunch of trial and error, i'm happy to say that my the parts camcoder i will be using for the panoramic system is 100% operational, set up, and ready to be mounted. The biggest problem was getting the "no tape" warning off the main screen. It looks like i'll be only needing a servo for the zoom. I've spent the day researching my stepper motors and gears, pushing through basic equations and what not. In the end, if i get this gear set i want (and without using legos :) ), i should… Continue

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Back to earth...running

so i got my pred today. Thanks again to helomix. Let's just say a whole bunch of mixed emotions arose when i saw it, from happiness that it was finally here, to the nervousness set in when i realized that i'm truly at the point where i need to put my skills where my mouth is, i mean, I already did it with money, to disappointment when i realized i have to cut back on a few items i my project :-P.

There are two things i realized when i saw the pred-… Continue

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Package galore, VPL, ideas, and thanks

No, i didn't look down, when i said that, i promise!

Yeah, that was waiting for me when i got home friday night. I've been getting atleast a package a day now, with more to come.

In one of those packages, was a box. In this box, from Electronics Goldmine, had this->

I have never seen components used as stuffing before. I got a kick out of it so i took a pic. Yes,… Continue

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First boot, and first problems lol

My computer has booted up, and is running Win2000 (ram restrictions made it the OS of choice, XP can be used, but maybe later, and with some trimming) and i will be working on servo control and figuring out why my usb decided to reboot the computer when i plugged in the Parallax Servo Controller. Yeah, i'm having issues with the drivers as the Boser site doesn't seem to like linking things. I have a picture of first boot i need to upload on photobucket, as well as a picture of the computer. I… Continue

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Materials list and basic Plan of Action

In one fell swoop i've bought almost everything i need for this project. Hoorah! This means its time to post because, well, too many people are in the dark. Since i already did the Goals List in the last one, this will be the materials list

This plane will use solid wireless broadband to accomplish the goals of flight control uplink and video and sensor output downlink There will be no receiver. The reason for this is that i will be well out of range of most, if not all radio… Continue

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Its been 8 months since my last post and i'm back to UAVs again. this time i have project funding, so money will not be as big of a project halter as it was with the last one. I am still learning St…

Its been 8 months since my last post and i'm back to UAVs again. this time i have project funding, so money will not be as big of a project halter as it was with the last one.

I am still learning Stamp BASIC programming. I've spent my time learning to fly the heli though. I intend to use a propellor board as my heli's main processor. However, the Prop board leaves a lot lacking. I am into SBCs and big computer calculations, not these microprocessor mini codes. Therefore, when i won a… Continue

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Helicopter- Why the EFlite Blade CX

It is small, light weight, modifiable, and parts are cheap and readily available at the local hobby shop or on eBay. The Blade CX is considered

an indoor outdoor, meaning I can test the helicopter indoors during inclement

weather, and a Ready To Fly (RTF) helicopter, so limited set up is

necessary. It is…


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