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Drones used to spot, protect wildlife in farm fields

Not sure how widespread the problem of baby deer in farm fields is, but at least one team is trying IR-camera drones to spot them before farm machinery hurts them. 

FromBoingBoing (linked video is in French):

By indicating to farmers who are…


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Great Sparkfun Autonomous Vehicle Competition recap video

The aerial part starts at 4:20.  The full list of winners and some more photos are here

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Farm drones are hot!

This magazine isn't online, but you can get it on your iPad, Kindle or Android tablet via NextIssue. The article is a pretty basic overview, with examples of using a Rite Wing Zephyr and a hexacopter along with a Canon s100 modified with the IR filter removed. But it's notable that drones are getting this kind of attention…


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"Photograph in the Age of the Personal Drone"

Good interview with ArduCopter flier John Vigg in Vice Magazine's The Creators Project. Excerpt:

John Vigg thinks everyone should have a personal drone. Maybe you’d use yours to uphold…


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Boeing's hydrogen-powered UAV takes first flight (last year)

Designed for a duration of four days at 65,000 feet. The first flight was just 28 minutes and it sustained damage on landing, but otherwise the mission was a success. ]UPDATE: This was a year ago, sorry for missing that. It's taken several flight since then]



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Parrot releases GPS module for AR.Drone 2.0

MAVLink-compatible, which means it works with QGroundControl. All details here. Coverage from Engadget:

Starting next week, Parrot will be offering up those new add-ons it announced …


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Scientists monitor dragonfly brains on the fly

One of the best ways to design micro-UAVs is to emulate insects. But figuring out how insects navigate and fly is hard, unless you can monitor their neurons in action. Scientists have now figured out how to do that. A fascinating piece from my alma mater, Wired:

The brain of a dragonfly has to do some serious calculations — and fast — if it hopes to…


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VTOL with APM 2.5

From the YouTube video "Wingcopter - first fully tilted flight with the new APM2.5"

Looks great. Anybody have details?

(via RCBill)

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Time lapse: building a drone flying arena at TED Global

From the TED blog, a time-lapse video of the team building the flying arena for Raffaello D'Andrea's epic "astounding athleticism of quadcopters"…


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Autonomous quadcopter homes in on radio signals

From Northeastern University. Anybody know what autopilot platform this was based on?

For their senior cap­stone project, North­eastern elec­trical engi­neering stu­dents…


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"Distributed Flight Array"

Another great post from Robohub. Excerpt:

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” — a catch phrase that aptly expresses the Distributed Flight…


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APM-powered Conservation Drones at TED Global

The coverage of drones at TED Global continues over at Robohub with this great post from the Conservation Drones team, who presented today:

TED Global…


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NPR: "The Green Side of Drones: Science and Environmental Apps Abound"

John Cherbini and Joshua Ott of 3D Robotics, setting up a thermal imaging camera for infrared shots of a field at the Berkeley Marina. Photo by Aarti Shahani

From a NPR radio program airing…


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"Storm drones" to chase tornadoes in Oklahoma (someday)

From CBS news

Oklahoma State University researchers are designing and building sleek, Kevlar-reinforced unmanned aircraft — or drones — to fly directly into the nation's worst storms and send back real-time…


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