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UcanDrone, founded on January 2013, is specialized in the area of UAV and remote airmodelling, in the meaning of design, construction and flight of the airplane models. Working as a team for many years with great experience of applied research in the field of geographic information systems, development of forestry maps and aerial photography, motivated us to deal professionally with the field of UAV's and more specific Civil Applications.

Since the very beginning, our research included several tests of automated flight control systems, until the introduction of Ardupilot first generation. It was very clear for us that there was the beginning of a new philosophy in the design of the automated flight control systems. In this context we wish to inform and get closer to the people, scientists or professionals, who are interested in this field, the CIVIL UAV's technology, which will make easier and enrich artistically their science or their profession as well as their hobby.

We hope, that scientists, students, professionals and of course hobbyists will find a great variety of services and products.

Main fields: 

  • Forestry
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Tailor made UAS
  • Remote Sensing
  • Environment
  • UAS components


We are proud to be part of the evolving DIYDrone’s community and recently 3DR Distributors.

We would like to thank:
-3DRobotics, for their confidence, support and guidance.
-All the users and costumers that supported us to our first steps.
-Dave Buckley, for his beautiful Arduplane/copter illustrations

For info, suggestions and quotes please email us at info@ucandrone.com

With Regards,

for UcanDrone

Dimitrios Stefanakis (James) 

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Comment by ANGELO E G OLIVEIRA on March 23, 2015 at 2:18pm

in the end, everything was resolved and I received the purchase


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