Have been building up a basic octocopter (already have other quads) based on cost looking to eventually go to a nice frame.

Whilst the Hobby King frame is nasty and cheap it is a start and for under $40 it seems OK (yes it has its problems)

My intention is to figure out best prop motor configuration for longer flights, etc.

Hobby King Octocopter frame - landing gear is woeful!!!

Turnigy 35-36 910kV propdrive motors with prop drive adaptors

12x4.5 props - at present

30 Amp Turnigy plush ESCs (wiring needs tidying)

2 x 3300 Turnigy 4S batteries in parallel

HK antivibration foam (orange) under a range video mount with APM 2.5 on top

Waiting for external compass and to mount GPS at present

Turnigy 9XR radio, FRSky module and receiver

3DR radio link

Intention is to put my brushless gimbal with Sony NEX5 on it for some video just for fun.

Have not done a compassmot or compass calibration to date but did actually fire her up and see what happens.

Jumps in the air alot more aggressively than the quad and the noise is a bit frightening, response to throttle was a bit more sensitive than expected. Was really stable in windy conditions during initial tests. Remarkably more stable than smaller quads I am used to.

Have not looked at tuning so far as only preliminary tests on stabilise.

Anyone looking to do the same thing happy to share experience or any advice or considerations are welcome.



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Comment by Joe P on June 13, 2016 at 7:15pm
Magnus I crashed mine and broke the landing gear similar to what you did. I'm waiting for some carbon fiber scraps to repair it with some glue and screws.
I'm going to strengthen them up. I hope to replace the landing gear with something that can hold up to the weight and hard landings.
I also broke a motor mount that I'm replacing with aluminum ones shortly. I
Comment by Bruce Ardern on May 22, 2019 at 6:43pm

Hi Brian, How's your memory! How do you set up a Turnigy 9X to operate for an Octocopter. I know very little about radio setup but have successfully followed instructions to set up for a quadcopter.

cheers, Bruce

Comment by Brian Donovan on May 22, 2019 at 10:45pm

Hi Bruce

My memory is not great and I actually hadn't had it out for 2 years as I had moved house. I see it under the stairs and wonder when I will use it again. I have many others so don't have time.

I think my setup on the control is pretty much the same as the quad from memory as the flight controller takes care of everything else. My quad though had some extras such as retracts and I did adjust some expos on the controls.

I can see if I can find the file from the Turnigy for you but might take me some time.


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