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CAD Drones is going to be the hottest Open Source Community for CAD and Drones since Diy Drones and sUAS News!  This is why I am inviting 7 more individuals to join the list of 10 total sponsors of the open source CAD and Drone community.  These 10 individuals can represent themselves or any company they own or are associated with. Here's your chance to be a large part of something that is going to end up changing the Commercial Drone Industry!  This will be great for your companies or website to be supporting an Open Source Initiative.

You can contact me by email if you're serious about becoming a sponsor. 


For More Details Visit: http://caddrones.com/blogs/caddrones-com-seeking-7-more-sponsors

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Comment by Joshua Johnson on January 23, 2014 at 12:44am

@Hugues,  You can also become a sponsor now as an individual and once your website goes live and you have a logo and such we can easily change your sponsorship under your ventures names.  Just a thought if your holding back because financial reasons and you need that money for your venture that is totally understandable.  If you do join up as a sponsor I'm fully willing to extend my resources and knowledge to you to help you build your venture!

Keep in touch,


Comment by Nigel Cartwright on January 23, 2014 at 11:42am

"Here's your chance to be a large part of something that is going to end up changing the Commercial Drone Industry!"


There are many hobby and 'community' sites like diydrones around, what is CADdrones bringing to the party that we don't already have elsewhere.

The 'pros' will go elsewhere and will run a mile when they see:

"have a vote each month on how to spend the CAD Drones Sponsorship Fees for the next upcoming month for website developments, advertising, etc.  When the community becomes large enough we will start selling CAD Drones Merchandise like Backpacks, Bumper Stickers, T-shirts, etc."

"we are working with 3D Printing Companies to bring a low cost open source 3D Printer to the community."

Does the 'community' really need another cheap 3D printer??  Printing drone parts on a bottom end printer is fine if that's what you want, but for the cost you can have an awful lot of parts printed by the likes of Shapeways and Scultpteo... And they'll be better quality and better strength, and printed on the latest machines with the latest materials...

When I set my business up I borrowed money on the back of real business and real orders, and worked my butt off to sustain it. I didn't wander round the net with a begging bowl hoping someone would 'sponsor' me...

Sorry to seem negative and I hope your dreams come true, I just hope you don't take a lot of other dreamer's money in the process...

Comment by Joshua Johnson on January 23, 2014 at 11:19pm

@Nigel,  We are going to change the industry by providing drone hobbyists who aren't CAD Experts with the Technology and Database to learn how to print parts and build and design their own drone parts and vehicles.  This whole Open source site is geared towards knowledgeable CAD Experts sharing their knowledge to the ones who are just digging into the field.

I was simply letting the Sponsors know that once the community gets large enough we will use left over sponsor fees to make CAD Drones merchandise to sell and give away for free with Contest Prizes.  We want to use a lot of Sponsor money to create monthly contests for prizes like autopilots, quad frames, Rovers, etc!  We are building a community that will be really fun and beneficial to be a part of. 

As far as the 3D Printing Goes.  Yes its obvious that people who need top of the line prints are not going to use an open source 3D Printer for their prints.... But their is a huge market out their for people who want to use and own low cast open source 3D Printers to learn more about them and also to test out their own programming and 3D Printer Builds.

If any profits get made off anything from sales to advertisements it mostly all goes back into the website for development and expansion.  I personally am putting hundreds of my own dollars each month into this venture and hundreds and hundreds of hours into this website and venture each week while working a full time job and going to school full time for CAD Engineering.  I promise you I am no slacker who is just looking for handouts.  I'm not trying to take money from other Dreamers..... If companies feel like becoming a sponsor I set up low ammounts 25, 50, 75, 100 to donate each month because I know that those amounts aren't high enough to hurt a company in any way shape or form.

Comment by Joshua Johnson on January 23, 2014 at 11:49pm

and as far as voting part goes that voting just among the sponsors because If they are donating money they should have a say in where it goes.


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