Another APM Powered Quad from Aerosky

I recently came across a very interesting Quad Copter from Aerosky call the X350. The don't mention the APM but in the manual it states that it is compatible with DroidPlanner and Mission Planner. The price is great if it flies as the advertise

For the RTF price of 399.00 I am considering getting one to test. It does not state anywhere that an APM/or compatible is in it. I thought that under the Open Source rules they had to mention the Group of Developers etc... 

Specs as listed:

Easy to Fly
Altitude Hold
GPS Position Hold
Point of Interest
Return to Location/Home
Failsafe Return Home
Headless Mode
Follow Me (Telemetry Module Required)
Set Waypoints and Create Flight Plan (Telemetry Module Required)

Motor:4pcs x 2312 KV1000 motor
ESC :4pcs x 20A Brushless ESC
Battery :11.1V 2800mAh 20C Li-Po
Transmitter Battery:4 AA Batteries (Not Included)
Radio System:7CH Radio,7CH Receiver ,2.4GHZ
Propeller:4pcs x 8045 Propeller
Power Input:11.1V(3S Li Po) 
Maximum Tilt Angel:35°
Maximum Yaw Angular Velocity:200°/s
Hovering Accuracy:Vertical: 0.5m Horizontal: 2m
GPS and Flight Controller (Included)           

Rotor Distance:350MM
Flight Time: Approx 20 minutes
Flight Weight:< 1000g
Operating Environment Temperature:            -10℃-50℃ 
Power Consumption:  3.12W
Weight (Battery & Propellers Included):        <1000g
Payload: 350g (Recommend), 500g (Max)
Hover Accuracy (Ready To Fly Version):      Vertical: 0.5m Horizontal: 2m
Max Yaw Angular Velocity:  200°/s
Max Tiltable Angle:    35°
Max Ascent / Descent Speed: 3m/s
Max Flight Speed:      10m/s
Diagonal Motor-Motor Distance:       350mm
GPS inside      

Battery Type:  3S LiPo,2800mAh,20c
Battery Cells:  3S
Battery Capacity:        2800mAh 
Battery Discharge Rate:          20C

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Comment by UAS_Pilot on May 29, 2015 at 12:19pm

Have you opened it up to see what makes it tick? Truely interested in seeing the layout of the avionics inside. 



Comment by John Stoneman on December 26, 2017 at 7:27am

It seems all the posts about the Aerosky X350 drone, on various quad or drone forums are older. Not much since 2015 or 2016. I wonder why?

Also- does anybody know of a good source of batteries that are reasonably priced?   I can change connectors if need be. 


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