Precis-BX305 Static RTK Results Released

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Hi all,

Following the video “RTK centimeter accuracy road test with IMU”, below you can find a static RTK positioning result figure to demonstrate the Precis-BX305 product performance. The figure shows the real-time positioning results with radio data link and here is short description.

Receiver: a pair of Precis-X305 boards
Location: Roof of building
Time span: 1 hour
Baseline length: about 5m
Solution type: real-time solution

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Comment by John Bond on June 17, 2016 at 3:12pm

Basically these results are achievable with any RTK system.  I took a look at a 90 minute session between two Ublox M8T receivers - different model Tallysman antennas, 1 meter baseline, ideal receiving conditions, kinematic RTKLIB processing, but the antennas were static - and got a horizontal "accuracy" figure of 3.9 mm and a vertical of 8 mm.  Both 95% figures.

Note that in a test like this the rover's average position is assumed to be its true position.  In reality there is likely a small bias (plus any error in the base station coordinates you use).  Run the test over 24 hours and the numbers may grow a little bit.

This is standard stuff simple L1 only equipment can achieve.  Where multiple frequency equipment becomes clearly superior is on longer baselines and under less than ideal receiving conditions.

Comment by Tersus GNSS on June 19, 2016 at 8:53pm

Hey there, thanks for all the comments.

GNSS RTK positioning accuracy depends on the baseline length and the motion status. This figure shows millimeter accuracy because its test scenario was relatively ideal. We didn't intend to demonstrate its millimeter accuracy since the accuracy may degrade in more challenging environment or longer baseline scenario. We will release more test results in different scenarios to proof its performance.

Stay tuned.


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