Hi guys,

Did you know you could build your own Li-Ion battery pack ?

Li-Ion batteries have the highest energy density per unit of mass available to us.

In comparison with LiPo batteries, you get 30% less weight for the same mAh capacity, which translates into direct endurance or increased flight autonomy.

Ready made LiIon batteries for dorne users are not mainstream (they are not sold on hobbyking, nor any other main RC online shops), and are quite expensive.

A DIY assembled pack is a fun project and will get you a much cheaper LiIon battery made to your custom requirements.

You can select individual cells based on their total capacity, based on how many amps they can continuously discharge.

You can then add them up in series to get the tight S voltage, and add them up in parallel to get the right minimum amps continuous discharge rate.

In the video I show how I've built a 4S battery which is able to output 30 amps continuously, with a 10 500 mAh capacity. It will be used on my 300 class folding quadcopter for an endurance test.



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Comment by Ravi on November 5, 2017 at 7:39am

needless to say Li-Ion 18650GA cells give excellent performance.


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