[COMMUNITY] - Today, Ardupilot banned to me from and my related Ardupilot project.

Well, that's happening.

I don't know what's happening inside the Ardupilot community, it's really a community project or what else?.

But as i know and you know, the community doesn't make it private any related project, Ardupilot is a Free Software and open sourced project for related projects and for well like many others.

Today, they removed and banned to me from official Ardupilot social networks and my related project called URUS (Universal Robotics Unmanned System) propossed to the community as a solution for a universal and accesible tech for drones, robotics and unmanned vehicles system that was posted and published on their community discussion about 2 years old, and it not just, because my project is a fork from Ardupilot master and master-AVR.

I'm being paranoic, but i think the purpose from some people inside the project is to opaque the good faith that have Ardupilot growing up very fast on the unmanned robotics technology world.

I will continue with development and supporting to Ardupilot project and my project the URUS System project for well.

Thank you very much to all, sincerely.

Hiroshi Takey F.


The URUS work progress and info for the community was removed from Ardupilot discuss platform.

For people that want to continue following the URUS project work in progress info there is a mirror and you can see it at:


I hope to update the info here on diydrones mirror too at:


the documentation is work in progress too there is too much for do, but i hope to update the main tutorial to build the first example, this is updated at:


and the documentation frontend is at:


Thanks for all people that want the good of the URUS project purpose.

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Comment by Marc Dornan on March 26, 2018 at 7:01pm

Pity the URUS stuff was removed. I did not realize that. I wish the mods were just open about why this happened. I think it had little to do with stated reasons but likely the level of paranoia I saw. Why not just be upfront about it.

Comment by Fnoop on March 27, 2018 at 12:06am

@ZTW Brushless ESC - *&^% off and take your spam elsewhere, it's bad enough you continuously spam the blogs here

I've followed the URUS stuff a bit on the ardupilot forums in the past.  It's interesting stuff, a little esoteric and way out there and not communicated very effectively so I don't think anyone really understands the what or why.  It's also based on 'legacy' code/hardware to some degree so I get why it was taken out of the main codebase which is focused on more modern hardware.  There's been a bit of poor communication on both sides which led to the odd heated discussion, and let's face it nobody likes being told 'no'. 

The post in question however had none of that, he was just posting an update on his stuff which is relevant to the project whether they like it or not. If it's not your cup of tea then just ignore it.  It wasn't even a blog, just a forum post. To react with such threatening language and action sets a poor and dangerous precedent for the ardupilot community.

Comment by Patrick Poirier on March 27, 2018 at 3:44am


Having working with you on numerous project and chatting on various subjects made me appreciate your sense of rightness and social equity. You are absolutely right when you say ''If it's not your cup of tea then just ignore it.''...

Being involved in the community forum, helping other and adding content is something I really enjoyed since a few time,  but in the other hand being so close to it  induce a strong feeling of ownership. Someone has to keep some distance between the community and personal matters, unfortunately at that moment, with this content and knowing what the writer pretended association with the code (either if its right or wrong)  I took it personally and did what you  considered as a ''poor and dangerous precedent''. 

I knew that the action of tagging spam could create reaction, and it did and I am here being judged by the community. Whats really important here is the lesson learned; Tolerance.... Not always easy...

As for the consequences, well my ego has a little scratch, Hiroshi is back in the developer channel exchanging love emoji with Randy and you have expressed your thought about it and thank you. 

Comment by Fnoop on March 27, 2018 at 5:20am

@Patrick Poirier  I wasn't meaning to have a go at you personally - I was just speaking my 2c about the action itself.  I have the utmost respect for you and all the cool projects you have done - you're probably more of a true DIYer than anyone around here!  I appreciate that having to get the right balance with managing or moderating a project is difficult, it's much easier for the likes of me to spout off without any responsibilities..  Thanks for listening and having the courage to change your mind publicly.

'If it's not your cup of tea then just ignore it' - also that wasn't meant to you directly but as a general comment on the forums.  I used to get all up and angry about posts I didn't like (anyone remember darius jack?!) but I try to ignore anything I don't like as others do and the silence seems to deal with it better than anything else, as I'm sure lots of people do with me :) I also appreciate the irony that it's exactly what I'm not doing here..

Also yes Hiroshi doesn't do himself any favours, the coverity scan thing was a pure gold wtf moment.  Right up there with JFK and the grassy knoll..

Anyway, I hope the URUS stuff gets presented and communicated a bit better.  It looks really interesting, it's just I don't think anyone really understands what it's about (me included) or it's purpose.


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