Dronee - How to set sony RX0 to get perfect mapping results.

Hi everyone,

I would like to share my experience with Sony RX0 which is a fantastic camera for surveying.

SonyRX0 zero is a small size, a shockproof digital camera with 25 mm wide angle (equivalent to 35mm)

It is only 110 gram with battery. Quality, size, wight make it suitable for surveying applications on drones.

Sony RX0 has a manual mode to set all camera parameters manually to get sharp pictures 

to get sharp quality pictures you should consider to set few parameters correctly:

Shutter speed: to remove blur from photo shutter speed should be set for higher value. 1200–1600 is recommended. Higher the shutter speed reduce image quality.

ISO: lower the ISO higher image quality. ISO between 150–300 is recommended.

Focus: Recommended to set the focus manually on the ground before the flight. Direct camera to an object which is far, and slightly increase the focus, you will see on camera screen that image sharpness changes by changing the value. Set the image sharpness at highest.

White balance: recommended to set to auto.

Comparison with Google Maps

For more information visit Dronee blog

Dronee PLANE fully supports Sony RX0 camera and triggers the camera over onboard wifi.



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Comment by Pascal P. on Friday

Hi Tommy, 15 MP is weaker than usual 20 we use in mapping, we can balance that with more pictures, how fast can you trig ?

Comment by Tomi Piriyev on Friday

Hi Pascal P. 

To get the same cm/pixel high resolution drone mapping you will need to fly at 90% altitude of the regular flight you do with 20MP.(for the math : sqrt(16)/sqrt(20) =0.9 )

Meanwhile you can change survey resolution  inside the Dronee App Settings->Survey screen 

Sony RX0 is capable of triggering in 2sec intervals.

Pascal P. in what resolutions do you usually use in drone surveying ?

Comment by Pascal P. on Friday

I do 2 cm and more. But 2 cm is difficult to get with plane or wing, due to speed and overlap. Sensefly Soda has even 2.9 sec interval, bad for low altitude high res mapping.

So the need for multicopters for these jobs, where a fast triger camera would suffice.

Comment by Matthew on Friday


So are you saying the RX0 is only capable of 0.5 fps? Multiport control may be faster. What are you doing about precise feedback?

Comment by Tomi Piriyev yesterday

Yes Matthew, using multiport does not improve the 0.5fps (as long as it writes to sd card) meanwhile it would be good for precision mapping, Currently, you can use Sony RX0 with wifi(on drone) triggering without any modification, also sony uses proprietary ptp protocol for its multiport. But we do take the feedback seriously, as sometimes sony may skip triggering, then the drone doesn't record GPS to the register. For precision mapping, we soon will have RTK/PPK version if you are interested, feel free to write your requirements through messaging on our website


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