StereoPi: preparing for the batch production

Since my last blog post on June, 29, we have a lot of news.

1. We chose a factory for the batch production.

2. First factory 20 prototypes were assembled and passed all tests!

3. We're also conducted some additional experiments:

  • Livestream 3D video over external videolink:

  •  ROS depth map building

TL;DR for ROS implementation is here

  •  YouTube stereoscopic livestream over LTE dongle

  • Livestream to Oculus Go (3rd person view like in computer games)

Oculus experiment details are here

  • Front view/rear view livestream from our crawler 

  • 360 degree panoramic photo

TL;DR step-by-step experiment description is here

4. We plan to start crowfunding campaign in the nearest weeks.

You can subscribe to our crowdfunding updates and campaign start reminder.

If you have any hardware or software questions, I'm ready to answer them. 

UPD> Thanx Tomas for reminder in his comment - I forgot to put a link on a project's site:

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Comment by Eugene Pomazov on February 7, 2019 at 4:34am

If you have classic Raspberry Pi with the camera, you can repeat all our video livestream experiments. Livestream to YouTube, Android and Oculus Go. Also you can repeat our behind-the-scene experiments with video livestream to WIndows desktop, Mac or any RTMP server.

Today we want to share with you our Raspbian image. We call it SLP (StereoPi Livestream Playground). It supports single-camera mode and also two-camera mode for StereoPi.

You can find image, Android application and brief manual in our Wiki


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