Why anti-poaching drones haven't worked well

As an industry, we had high hopes for the use of drones in anti-poaching efforts. But in hot climates everything looks hot to airborne thermal cameras and fleet logistics are crippling. Dogs work much better. Here's a sobering report from the field:

I spent 2 years flying anti-poaching drones in the Kruger National Park and other reserves, clocking up hundreds of hours and Robert is right, everything is a trade-off unfortunately. And that’s only the start, there are so many difficulties in the actual operation, very few people have even the slightest idea of what it entails.

The design and building is really the easy part. So if that is hard then one is going to have a hell of a struggle on-site in the bush in 39°C heat (and that’s at 11pm at night!) not counting all the other challenges.

From my experience I believe, that even with the best intentions and best technology, drones will never have more than a negligible effect on poaching. To put it in context, the Canine teams in the KNP’s best haul was 18 poachers apprehended in one week. Our drone team saw less than 8 poachers in TWO years of night flying, with not one apprehension. So if the drone is not CATCHING an average of 2-5 poachers a WEEK then it’s of no use. And note that poachers get around deterrents easily.

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Comment by Rana on March 9, 2019 at 5:56pm

Hello Mr. Anderson !

The Link is not working.

3D Robotics
Comment by Chris Anderson on March 9, 2019 at 8:24pm

Thanks for the catch. Link fixed

Comment by Mateusz Sadowski on March 12, 2019 at 3:53am

Thanks for the great insights Chris! Although the forum is not the format I would usually link to at WeeklyRobotics the discussion is so eye opening that I'll most probably make an exception.

Comment by Ravi on Sunday

One should not give up so easily. eventually better TI cameras will appear in market.

Remember drones can go 10Km in the jungle. Imagine travelling 10km in jungle over foot or by a SUV.

electric drones are easy to operate and have very low maintenances. much lower than a 4WD SUV.

operating cost is minimal because of less mechanical parts.

anything that can FLY autonomously has to have a special use. it's just our imagination which is blocked.

audible level is very low for electric drones.

TI cameras will evolve eventually.


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