Totally new antifail system code (uses interrupts and timers, OMG! )

Well better read the source code and enjoy, please try to customize the code to your own system.

You need an attiny85 and is programmed with AVR studio (don't forget to desactivate the CLOCK DIVIDED BY 8) it uses the internal crystal, you need also a mux like 74ls157, or either you can use the output pin to read it with you microcontroller in case you are decoding and pulsing the servo with the same system..

News: i have internet at home again. (living in the mean time in Swiss).
New record: this is the first program i made that runs at the first time i compile it. =)

Note: This code will be used in the ardupilot PRO and the arduMUX v2, and maybe the arducopter v2 (coming soon).
This code is very well tested... BUT NO WARRANTY'S..

CODE Click over there:


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Comment by crystal garris on March 27, 2009 at 2:06pm
here is your fail safe on my board
A million thanks Jordi !
its been flight tested and works great .

my AP


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