OpenLRS firmware1.10 with Transparent Serial Bridge

Hi Everyone,


Maybe you know, i'm working on Open Source RC (OpenLRS) project since 1-2 years and we released it in this summer.

Today I just finished the firmware v1.10 with transparent serial bridge!

This mean, you can talk with autopilot or other telemetry modules without any extra telemetry device. Your OpenLRS Rx and Tx can handle this mission.


Download link:


OpenLRS Forum link:

Rx to Tx transmission supporting 750 byte/seconds (not bit/second) without any problem. 
It's handling 9600 baud signals with %80 traffic.
But Tx to Rx (ground to air) transmission sharing the servo communication bytes and we are not suggesting more than 100 byte/second for ground to air transmission.

We are suggesting 115.200 baud serial speed (%5 traffic) for clear serial. If you want to use 9600 or near speeds dont forget; Atmega328(with Arduino) can read the signal with hardware without any problem, but it have to wait for next byte when writing. You must finish the writing before reading next RF package. This is why you need high speed communication when writing something on the serial out. 
As a reference: In this video, i'm using 9600 baud on GPS side and 115.200 baud on computer side.




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Comment by Jesper Rooth on November 19, 2011 at 10:48am

Some correction on the converted baud rates for serial 3.

9600 = 9, 19200 = 19, 38400 = 38, 57600 = 57, 111100 = 111, 115200 = 115

Goes under the SERIAL3_BAUD parameter in the Mission Planner interface.

Comment by Melih Karakelle on December 6, 2011 at 12:47am

Hi Jakaria,

Sorry for my later reply.
I'm strongly suggesting "Arduino Uno" platform for your project. It's including USB serial for your PC connection (and firmware loading)   and have a lot of "serial to servo" firmware sample on the web. Just write your own ground station software and  send the servo commands to arduino over USB serial. Arduino forums helps you for details.

Comment by Jakaria on December 16, 2011 at 11:38pm



Thanks for your valuable advice. As per your instruction I've already started the project. I've bought 2 Arduino uno. Already studied the Arduino forum for "serial to servo" firmware sample, it seems easy to implement for my project.


But I'm facing difficulties in writing a ground station software. Because I've very less idea about programming. Pl suggest me how can I do this. If possible pl send me some links. Thanks in advance.


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