ArkToolbox now released for Windows/ Mac as well as Linux

ArkToolbox is a toolbox for ScicosLab/ XCos (similar to Matlab simulink, but free). ArkToolbox is useful for drone control design, simulation, and testing and is compatible with FlightGear, MAVLink (QGroundControl/ArduPilotMega), and the JSBSim Trimming GUI software. This creates a completely open source toolchain for developing aircraft models, finding trim states for control, and developing controllers. The ArkToolbox also supports hardware in the loop communication  via MAVLink.

Download Here:

More Demo Videos:

arducopter simulation with hardware/software in the loop:

rover hardware in the loop:

sailboat control system:

rocket control system:

Wiki for getting started on ArkToolbox for ScicosLab:


Grab JSBSim Trimming GUI here:

Video tutorial for JSBSim Trimming GUI:

Grab Aircraft Models to Run/ Fly in FlightGear Here (includes Arducopter/ EasyStar):

All the demos have been well tested on all platforms. If you find any errors let me know. The MAVLink blocks are running version 0.9 so I will be upgrading to version 1.0 when I get a chance to support the latest APM versions. If you have time to contribute to ArkToolbox, send me an email.

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Comment by Jiri Freyvald on June 5, 2012 at 11:23am


I tried:

cmake .. -DWITH_BUILD_DEPS=y

from arktools/build

but still the same error result

Comment by Elkyn Fagua on November 30, 2012 at 8:11am

Friends the diydrones, if you have problems arktoolbox install, can follow this little guide in Spanish .. I am working to develop it in English ....

Comment by Elkyn Fagua on November 30, 2012 at 8:24am

Thanks to James Göppert friend, has just released version 0.9.3 Releasing. ... The image above is from that version ... congratulations friend ... excellent software ..


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