BEIJING, Aug. 4 (Li Tingyao) "Flying An Eye of China" - The National Media Drone Aerial Masters Invitation Tournament was officially launched on August 4 in Jinzhong City and Shun County, Shanxi Province, with nearly 40 media drone "flying hands" from Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Sichuan and Fujian in many places in the country to gather at the top of Taihang in the next 3 days.


Record the summer scenery, economic development and charm customs with the lens.

And Shun is located in the east of Shanxi Province, the top of Taihang, known as the "North China" back garden, the territory of the peakstack, dense forest, vegetation coverage of more than 30%. The event was co-sponsored by the Shanxi Branch of the China News Agency, the Communist Party of China and the Shun County Committee, and the Shun County People's Government, with special support from the China News Agency Career Development Center.

The event will be a comprehensive display of the new face of history, culture, ecology and construction and development of the top aerial photography master, and shun, and will provide a platform for communication and communication with the outside world for local cultural exchanges, tourism resources, economic structure reform and transformation. Some drones "flying hands" take off drones.

Photo by Li Tingyao And Shun is located in Shanxi Province, the top of Taihang, is the folk love myth and legend of the "Nu Lang Weaving Girl" birthplace, in 2006 was named "China's Niu Lang Weaving Girl Culture Town." In 2008, Heshun County, "The Legend of the Niu Lang Weaving Girl" was officially announced by the State Council as the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage.


In 2009, Heshun County was named "the first national traditional festival in Shanxi Province (seven-night festival) demonstration protection. And Shun is known as the "North China" back garden, the territory of the peaks, dense forest, vegetation coverage of more than 30%, the climate is refreshing and pleasant, summer night sleep must be covered with cotton quilts, is a great summer resort.

Heshun has the unique advantages of developing aviation sports industry, the vast area, diverse landscape, open airspace, environmental quality, making it suitable for aerial photography, suitable for the development of aviation sports.

Excellent summer conditions and deep traditional culture has become the "golden signboard" of Heshun County, to create cultural tourism summer leisure destination has also become the official target of the local. "This event will further enhance the visibility and reputation of Shun xian at home and abroad, establish and Shun new image. Yuan Ruijun, a member of the Standing fms rcCommittee of the Heshun County Standing Committee and Minister of Propaganda, said he believed that the Masters Invitation Tournament would shock and present the abundant tourism resources of Shun Zhuang through a bird's-eye view by drones, so that Shanxi Province, the whole country and the world can view and shun from a new height and angle, so as to build a friendly "circle of friends",

At the same time with a unique perspective to the tourism resources of Heshun to a new high ground.

Heshun has the unique advantages of developing aviation sports industry, the vast area, diverse landscape, open airspace, good environmental quality.

Inner Mongolia Daily News reporter Wang Zheng first came to Andshun, he said, and Shunshan magnificent, open airspace, very suitable for aerial photography, to the drone "flying hand" to record the beautiful scenery, show their skills of the environment, "we will use their exquisite skills, record and Shun beautiful moments, promote and follow the country, go to the world." During the event, the national media drone "flying hand" will be in Tiankai Manor, Taihe Wetland Park, Shiyu Village, Mafang original forest, go manger fault zone, Yangqushan, Xu village, Taihang Longkou, Hui Huangancient Village, Yunlongshan Forest Park, Love Si Reservoir, Wenchang Tower and other places for sunrise, day time or night star photography. At the same time, there will be a media drone aerial photography summit dialogue, inviting drone aerial photography experts and masters to do "media fusion background aerial photography and dissemination" keynote speech. (end)


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