Hi All,

I'm working on a UAV (have been for a few months on and off) that will bring my plane back home. You see I fly a foam plane (an EasyGlider) that I have modified with an electric motor atop and a video camera and downlink so I can see what the plane sees and fly "First Person".

I had a rather "adrenaline inducing" experience when my video downlink was lost (my fault - I flew behind my receive antennas coverage). Well, I also realized that I had flown behind some trees and was just out of direct sight *. Short version is that I trimmed for gliding, cut power and listened.

Electric are very quite, but I rigged up a portable video receiver and directional antennae and walked the few hundred meters to the discovered plan in the trees. Embarrassed, yes - discourage, no! So that's my story getting into the UAV world. The FPV world was after watching VRFlyer on Youtube.

So Come-Home is my first application and I will post my code once it is fully working for anyone's open source use.

I use the www.Parallax.com propeller chip which appears quite capable.


* For those worried about the safety, using spotters, flying with a buddy, etc, though I am not an AMA member, I am a very safe engineer who understands what safe means. No people or property was in range of my vehicle. I am safe and practical.

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Comment by Chris Anderson on July 21, 2007 at 7:55pm
Great use example, Paul. Pls let us know how the test flights go.


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