An amateur UAV maker in Los Angeles built a UAV designed to fly 21 miles, from Long Beach to Catalina Island and back. It was notable especially for having the motor moved to a pylon above the wing and a pan-tilt gimbal camera put in the nose instead (see picture). This thread about it on RC Groups is a great introduction to high-end UAV making, diminished only by being a few years old (and I don't know if they ever had the courage to attempt the flight. Given the costs--nearly $4,000--it would have been an expensive loss at sea if anything went wrong)

Anyway, in this post he provides a spreadsheet of all his costs. It's very instructive, and most of those costs have not changed in the past three years. Small sample below; full version here.

Navigational Unit
PicoPilot NAT U-NAV 900.00
JR R2000 MTA Hobbies 199.00
VeeTail Mixer VeeTail 35.00
SmartFly HD Regulator SmartFly 38.00
Telemetry Unit
Vizion OSD w/ Current Sensor DPCAV 109.00
TinyTrak3 SMT Byonics 48.00
SmartFly HD Regulator SmartFly 38.00
Z-Log Altimeter Hexpert Systems 49.00
Camera System
KX-131 Cased Black Widow 149.00
2.4Hz 600mW TX/RX Black Widow 189.00
Futaba Gyro MTA Hobbies 69.00

Telemaster Electro Hobby Lobby 159.00
HS-5245MG (x8) Servo City 394.00
Du-Bro Landing Gear Hobby People 12.00
Monocote (x4) Hobby People 48.00

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