Well, both Global Hawk models I wrote about the other day arrived, and I've just had time to open the boxes and quickly look them over. But four things are already clear:
  1. They're basically the same model, from Haoye Models.
  2. The one from Singapore was rubbish, unpainted and missing all sorts of necessary parts such as the carbon fiber wing rods.
  3. The one from Sonic Electric looks better, with painted body parts (gray elements in the picture at right), and most of the necessary elements. Go for the combo pack, with motor and ESC, if you don't already have spare equipment to use.
  4. There's not a lot of room in the equipment bay for autopilots, cameras etc. This is foam, of course, so some cutting is possible, but it's going to be a tight fit. This is NOT an ideal UAV plane, but in the interest of equal scale opportunity (we've been showing Predator favoritism!) I'll have a go anyway.
Now to build and fly. Of course neither model had an instruction manual (the Sonic one has an unreadable one-page photocopy of what looks like a different version--no ducted fan--and it's not in the slightest helpful). Fingers crossed and stay tuned...

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