I just got pointed to a new open-source UAV site/community called Open UAV. It sells a low-cost ($365) autopilot board and has a library of academic papers on UAV research. If you register, you can also download open source firmware, circuit board diagrams etc.

It's run by Astroplanes, a comapany in New Zealand. Does anybody know anything about them or that autopilot? Is it related to Hugo Vincent and John Stowers, the two universtity students who were planning the cross-Tasmin flight?

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Comment by Frank Cates on August 10, 2007 at 3:31pm
This does look interesting, would it be possible for a system like this to fly a helicopter though? I am wondering if you could use a system like this to assist in aerial photography. If you programmed waypoints and such to circle the area to be photographed it might simplify the process.


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