The good folks at UNAV have been listening to our complaints about the way their software handles communications errors if you don't have your Com ports set up just right when running the software (it basically barfed up a cascade of mystifying error messages, with no indication of what was really wrong and what to do about it).

They've now created a new version of the main program (the waypoint editor) that handles Com port problems much better (see screenshot).

You can download the new version here. (It will only work if you've already installed all the other software that comes with the PicoPilot). Thanks, UNAV!

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Comment by Bob Moulder on March 12, 2008 at 4:57am
Too late to help me, but glad it has been addressed. But mine is working A-OK now -- after several days of sweat equity and angst -- and I'm not touching it!


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