Warning: Spread Spectrum R/C and 2.4 GhZ video downlinks don't mix!

In a comment on a thread at right, David Albert makes an important point about frequency clashes between spread specturm radios and 2.4 Ghz video downlink systems, such as the RangeVideo and Black Widow AV setups that we use. If you haven't been following the chatter on aerial photography newsgroups, you might have missed this (as I did). This info may save your plane!

  • "Having a 2.4Ghz Tx right next to a 2.4Ghz Rx is a bad idea. Regardless if it is Spektrum, Futaba, or Xtreme Power Systems. Once you get a certain distance, the video TX will swamp (overload) your Rx. Imagine looking into a bright spotlight and trying to see a candle in the distance. Even if the candle is changing colors (changing frequencies, ie spread spectrum) it is just a matter of time and distance before you can no longer see the candle. Check out ezonemag.com there are many many threads on this under the UAV forum and FPV forum on this. That is the reason why people with 2.4Ghz RC systems are moving to 900Mhz video or keeping 2.4Ghz video and using plain old 50Mhz or 72Mhz RC Transmitters."

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