New Lego Mindstorms NXT servo controller board

As cool as our Lego Mindstorms IMU-driven UAV is, it's a shame that HiTechnic hasn't yet released the commercial versions of the prototype servo MUX (RC multiplexer + servo controller) and integrating gyros that make it possible. As a result nobody else can make a similar UAV--we've got the only prototypes that HiTechnic let out. Lattebox does sell a servo controller board (not also a MUX, sadly), but unfortunately it hasn't released drivers for that using RobotC, which is what my Mindstorms autopilot is written in. But now comes good news in the form of a new Mindstorms servo controller board that does have Robot C drivers.

Mindsensors has just released a Servo Controller board ($47.75) that can control up to 8 servos. Even better, they're working on a way to attach servos to Lego parts, so you don't have to use superglue and rubberbands like me ;-)

(Thanks to the NXT Step blog for the tip)

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Comment by Yu on July 6, 2008 at 2:09am
Dear Chris,

I am sorry for Lattebox can't support RobotC drivers. Due to Lattebox do not have enough resource for the Robot C driver development. And NXC is free and easy to learn. So Lattebox will focus on such kind of NXC. I really very sad can't help you in RobotC part. Hope one day can see NXTe/LSC at your UAV.



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