This is just the coolest thing. It's not exactly UAV-related, but our FPV (first-person view) friends use much of the same technology as we do, from real-time video links to on-screen displays (OSD) of GPS and telemetry data. Here's what one FPV guy did to avoid having to have an electronic integration of his telemetry into his video stream: he built an analog instrument panel and put it in view of his onboard camera!

Behind that panel is a GPS and an embedded processor (I don't know what kind) which is presumably driving three servos, which move those dial needles. The reason you need this is that it's really easy to get disoriented and lost when doing FPV, with those video google on and the birds-eye view of your location. Now he just needs to "glance at his instrument panel" through his video googles and he can see (from left to right) his speed, bearing (straight up means he's heading back to home) and altitude. His write up of how he made it is here. Full points for creativity!

(Thanks to the Make Magazine blog for the find)

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Comment by Gary Mortimer on July 14, 2008 at 11:12am
Just needs to add an AH, very cool


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