I didn't really warm to podcasts until I got an iPhone, which I naturally sync every day (something I never did with the iPod). Now there's always fresh spoken-word content on my phone, and it's exactly the stuff I want rather than than whatever happens to be on the radio. What I want to listen to is smart shows about UAVs and robots, and fortunately, I've found one. It's called Robots, and you can get it free on iTunes or directly from its website.

For UAVs, check out two recent shows: DelFly and Europe's Micro Air Vehicle Competition and A Robot Fly at Harvard.

You can also check out this show on Flying Insects and Robots from their preview podcast series.

They're all interviews with the researchers themselves, so they're substantive, and they're well produced so they're entertaining. The only think I like to see them do is also cover larger UAVs. They're not as amazing as the tiny flapping ones, but they're more practical.

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