Version 12 of the Arduino software IDE was released today along with a pretty lengthy list of updated features -

* Added Arduino Nano to the boards menu.
* Arduino Pro or Pro Mini (8 MHz) to the boards menu.
* Added Firmata library by Hans Steiner and others. This provides a standard protocol for communicating with software on the computer.
* Added an Ethernet library for use with the Arduino Ethernet Shield.
* Added a Servo library based on the work of Jim Studt.
* Added a LiquidCrystal library based on the work in the playground. It supports both 4- and 8-bit modes.
* Improved millis(): it now overflows after 49 days instead of 9 hours, but now uses slightly more processing power.
* Fixed reversing direction bug in Stepper library. (Thanks to Wayne Holder.)
* Moved insertion of #include

Release notes and download.

[via Make]

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