I've just made something that I have meant too for ages. A pylon mount for my electric engine.

Why you ask why.

Well it frees up the nose of the aircraft so it can carry a camera that does not see a propeller.

I made it so my battery pack fitted into the base. That has freed up an awful lot of fuselage space for whatever. It also lends some weight to the base to counter act the torque that occurs when the motor spins.

So its now a unit that will fit any aircraft that might be in my fleet.I am thinking of building a large span glider and mounting this on top, just like free flight days.

Not very neat I know but it works. If it stays on one aircraft I would make the base curve into the wing. I would also make sure that the thrust line would be built into that. Only after several groundloops did I twig what was going on. Not the sharpest tool in the box!! I will take a marker pen and draw onto the wing the place that I find to be best.

A wet Perth Aerodrome, check the reflection of the model in the video clip, if the definition is high enough.
The twin sticks up front were where I mounted my camera bringing the C of G back to where it should be without adding weight. The camera mount, rubber bands. Camera Pentax Optio T10.

Perhaps somebody knows of a properly constructed engine mount. It certainly removes the need for pusher twin boom aircraft as a lot of people use but might not be massively efficient.


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Comment by paul hubner on October 16, 2007 at 9:07am
Gary - great job. You inspired me to relocate my battery to the pylon. This helped me out in 2 ways - 1 keeping the power gear all together, and 2 reducing interference with my GPS. For an undiscovered reason, just powering on the main battery knocked the GPS off the air, but only if th eGOPS was near the power line. Now thats solved (well, avoided really!).


Comment by Gary Mortimer on October 31, 2007 at 11:13pm
Good show!!!

Now we need to find some properly made ones!!

I think a power pod equiped large glider becomes ever more attractive as a camera lifting body for me.

Just need to convince the powers to be that I have to purchase one.

Good luck with all your developments Paul,



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