So I catch a Sidecar ride after the fantastic sUSB EXPO, and the driver and I are chatting about civilian drones. He totally gets the good things that can be done for agriculture, the environment, and other purposes.

As I am about to step out of the car he says: Maybe they could be called Zero Occupancy Vehicles! After we laughed about it, I offered to give him credit but he declined.

Doug Starwalt and I thought the DIY Drones community might have some fun with this. A very quick Google search didn't reveal issues (but you never know without extensive research). Anyway, we wanted to put this out there.

Cheers! from JohnG at

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Comment by John Githens on July 28, 2013 at 11:48am

And to echo a statement on this DIY Drones website: "All content is free to use under a Creative Commons attribution license."


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