Afghan home made cheap and quiet drone


This guy had a fleet of 5 drones made of bamboo and chainsaw engine or electric motor.

I found only news in French so far :

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  • :) drone vs drone

  • Developer

    Because "Drone" results in more article hits then "remote controlled airplane".

  • why is this a drone and not a normal rc model?

  • Same as all of us: order them online.

  • I guess that chainsaws would be fairly easy to get, but where did he get his props? Did he hand carve them?

  • I would say what makes it impressive is the lack of resources in Afghanistan... Good to see some innovation.

  • I converted my jdrones quad to a basswood-based quad after a crash. Its flight was pretty smooth. Converted to a basswood Y6, which worked for a few flights then eventually the wood started to fatigue a bit (vibration) since I had thru-hole mounting...

    As the saying goes, if it has a CD (coef. of drag), you can make it fly.

  • he is the afghan mcgyver :)

  • the modeler has skill. good looking planes!

  • Wow, i'm really impressed... Normal cloth and all... To think that it flies so niceley...

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