"Flying go, positions, 1, 2, 3 ... Off!

"Along with the Municipal Agricultural Bureau Total agronomists tianchong command, 30 plant protection unmanned aerial vehicle instantaneous from the ground, the blue sky white clouds, a frame unmanned aerial vehicle hover in the green wheat field above, continuously sprinkle a thin white mist, interweave into a three-dimensional modern agriculture color scroll picture." April 10, the city in Xinqiao Town high quality wheat production to create a demonstration area of the field, holding high-quality wheat "integrated control of the Flying prevention" and "green control" on-the-spot meeting.

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Excellent plant protection unmanned aircraft, efficient operation scene attracted the audience to observe the waves of praise and applause. "Look quickly, fly up ..." "plane drugged, before really dare not think, heard that it can spray hundreds of acres of land one day ... Looking at the drone in the air, the villagers ' words revealed excitement and excitement.

Accompanied by the hum of the flight, a drone in the control of flying back and forth, 8 pieces of propeller uniform and flexible operation, only 10 minutes to complete a 10 mu of farmland Flying defense task. "Today's spot, let me feel very shocked." With the rapid development of modern agriculture and the implementation of rural revitalization strategy, I believe that the unmanned aerial control control flying prevention operation will become the future trend of the management of wheat fields. Unmanned aerial vehicles can not only the peasant masses from the heavy labor freed, but also reduce the health hazards of artificial spraying on the human body, more have spray precision, efficient environmental protection, light and intelligent, simple operation, save time and labor advantages. Next, in the city to gradually expand the coverage of unmanned aircraft flying.

"The Party Committee Standing Committee, propaganda minister, City agriculture leading group leader Bijiangyuan said." "Usually unmanned aircraft in the professional flying hands under the operation, every day can fly 350-400 acres of farmland, efficiency is artificial 20 times, spraying pesticides and traditional artificial spray compared to save 30%." Compared with the previous plant protection robot introduced by the Municipal Agriculture Bureau, it can reduce the crushing rate of wheat. In the course of flight, the airflow of the propeller can blow the wheat back and forth, and it will be sprayed evenly in all parts of the crop, and the effect is better.

"said Tianchong. "Our company is the city Agricultural Bureau to attract investment projects, the introduction of the UAV model is a new series of mg1p, each price of 68000 yuan, spraying the effect of a lot better than the artificial, it can be sprayed to the roots of wheat, but also very intelligent, planning routes will not appear heavy spray leakage of the phenomenon. Generally after 5 days of training, a flying hand can be skilled operation of plant protection drones. "Hassan Agriculture Co., Ltd. responsible person told reporters," at present, plant protection drones for most farmers may be a little unfamiliar, but I believe that the UAV is the future direction of agricultural development, the prospect of time.

” Li Zhai Town, the owner of farmers planting cooperatives, grain large Zhou Gaven said: "I have 500 acres of land, two years ago began to use plant protection drones fly prevention operations." Used to spend more than 10 days before spraying the pesticide, now more than 1 days can be sprayed out. Pest control and prevention of control of the price per mu of 13 yuan, cheaper than artificial, but also to reduce the unnecessary damage to plants and people long-term contact with the drug damage, it is too convenient.

” Plant protection unmanned aircraft so good, why is not currently widely accepted by the peasant masses? Tianchong told reporters that in the agricultural modernization of large-scale development and labor shortage, cost and high, plant protection UAV is theoretically the highest efficiency of the drug application machinery. But in the past, a lot of plant protection drones are not mature, our agricultural sector has been groping, in the introduction of the same time also eliminated a group of plant protection machinery. Long-term spraying operation effect and efficiency, is to test the begotten.

After market testing, the current plant protection UAV technology has been basically able to meet the control of the agricultural crop control flying. Tianchong said, in the promotion process, a family of plots more dispersed, can not even work, limited operating efficiency, hope that the township to cooperate vigorously, vigorously publicize the advantages of plant protection drones, improve the awareness of the farmers and acceptance, and jointly promote the flying prevention of plant protection drones prevention and control of diseases and pests of this cause, for agriculture to increase efficiency, Farmers to increase their contribution to the strength of their own.

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Comment by Robert Short on September 1, 2018 at 2:34am

Nowadays, spraying of pesticides by using drones is an innovative technique used in the field of agriculture. The drones can easily sprinkle pesticides on trees and also helps to check the number of fruits ready to be plucked from each tree. Drones can offer longer flight time, but longer range are relatively costlier. Some, drones are heavy in cost which is inclusive of hardware, software, tools and imaging sensors. That is why I think, physical and manual pest control is a better option for those who cannot afford drones. There are number of professionals are also available like pest control Antioch, East Bay Pest Control, etc., who serves an organic pest control spraying.


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