This picture is the last of the backlogged APM 2.5 orders going out from the 3DR shipping department. Orders should be shipped within 1-2 days from now on. Whew!

Demand was overwhelming but the 3DR team brought the second Tijuana pick-and-place line up with some state-of-the-art machines and it's finally running smoothly now. The line can now handle 500 APM 2.5 boards a week (in addition to its share of all the other 3DR products).

We're still listing the assembled APM 2.5 boards as shipping within one week (unassembled is 1-2 days), but that's conservative. Most boards should ship within a few days now.

The enclosures are still a couple weeks away. We decided to modify them slightly with a special foam shield for the baro sensor, to protect it from any wind distortion, so it went back for another design rev/test cycle. It will be worth it--you should see much better alt-hold performance with the enclosure on. 

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Comment by Matthew Christenson on September 14, 2012 at 11:11am

I did just now finally recieve an email sent from Chris Foster from acknowledging the shipment and request for pin headers to be sent, received 12:38CST.  Thanks again!


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