Many will know of people who through illness or injury who used to fly etc... and no longer can, would like to be able to do so again (I am in the above). 

Our project (my wife is now my hands) is to use a head based sensor and the APM to achieve some form of control.  If there is anyone interested in this project and some genuine interest I'm sure my lovely wife will add to this blog.

To date we have built a stable quad with our own cnc cuttout components and Multiwii as the basic platform which will be moved to the APM once we have the headset (2 x accelerometers, 1 acting as a static reference for the dynamic accelerometer) finished and working as a PPM stream into the trainer port on our Hitec transmitter.

I know there are head trackers avaliable but these do not inject the full 5 channels we need.  We are currently trialing some arduino code by Ian Johnston for the full 6 channel injection. Photo below is in level flight hands off. As above any interest feel free to comment. (the camera must have been at the right shutter speed to show the props as stopped)


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Comment by james sowell on April 21, 2012 at 2:53pm did not know if u had seen this thought about you hope every thing ok

Comment by Clinton Mckinnon on May 16, 2012 at 9:46pm


Had played around with open EEG as when I looked at emotiv it was hard to get the hardware and the development kit unless you were into games.  This was about 4 years ago, when things started to deteriorate.  Thank you  for the link and info.  I think that the EEG approach would be great.  As far as our current progress which is now incredibly slow we had a functioning prototype headset up and running and tried it on both the quad and there is also a video link on diy to a three wheel buggy that we used to practice some control. Huge thanks to Greg for his project code to get us as far as we got using the V3 IMU


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