Look at minute 9:46 to see the aerial images:
(diydrones logo is on credits also)
And some scenes of the making off (first minute):
Some months ago, Dario Lopez, a local director calls me to take some aerial video for a short film he was developing... Of course I said yes!!
Before the filming, we were talking and he explain me what he wanted. It´s a funny short film (a "crazy" charlie's angels version) and he wanted to use a GoPro camera (at maximun FOV) for some action sequences with a jeep.
I decided to modify a quadcopter frame for this task because we wanted to have a clean images (with no motors, no arms, no props, no landing gear) and achieve this with a GoPro at 720p in a quadcopter is not an easy task. I made an asymmetric frame with the front arms at 115º. With this angle and the camera tilted down slightly we could get "clean" images. I needed to move back the battery to adjust the C.G. and I needed to adjust the PID values with the pitch axis a bit higher than roll for compensate this config. But the overall result is that the quad flys very well...  I used original arducopter parts (plates, short arms, motor mounts and battery mount).
Thanks to Dario (the director) for call me because it was a nice experience. It was very funny to be the aerial camera following the director instruction :-)
And the work finished in a spanish way with a fantastic launch...

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Comment by I.S. on November 2, 2011 at 2:46am

Jose, your setup looks really nice.

Clever use of the readily available holes of the center plate to adapt to your requirements.

That looks like a modified Hero cam. Can you give more details on the lens, its FOV,

and how the camera is attached to the frame (any vibration isuues?)

Congratz again.

Comment by Juan Carlos Hdez on November 2, 2011 at 5:42pm

Good Job. Very funny.

Comment by Hans Jakob Bosshard on November 26, 2011 at 5:18pm

Hi Jose, I am interested to build your tyni quad but I cannot find the necessary Kite elements (especially the straight leading edge connector for the motor support. Can you give me a link to a supplyer?



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