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Arduino meets Android

Check out Amarino, which is a toolkit to connect Android phones to Arduino microprocessor boards. Described as "basically consisting of an Android application and an Arduino library which will help you to interface with your phone in a new dimension. You can build your own interfaces almost without any programming experience."
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  • I have the droid, love it, I also have a bluetooth module from a dell laptop, Ill be working on the same thing soon,
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    I have a T-Mobile G1,very handy unit, I like the keyboard, 1.5 year old with no problems, upgrading to 8gb now, Apps are great, IP Web Cam app is great. GPS Status is cool too. Possibly with a xBee USB connection make a nice mini GCS, Android Google Earth app is ready to go... Amarino library is now ready. I wanted either an Android or iPhone. I'm glad I didn't get a iPhone. I browse DIY Drones too.
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    If you don't want a cell phone you can also get an Archos with android:

    Is better because it has Video inputs and you can record your FPV missions on the 160Gb internal hard drive. Also has GPS, WIFI, Bluetooth, 3.5G wireless for internet and of course is TOUCH SCREEN!
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    The Nexus looks pretty sweet too! Sony will use Andriod too? Sweet!
  • anyone know what the usability of an android phone is while unactivated. Might be interesting to buy a verizon droid with a bad esn and just use it as a(n amazing) pda. Especially if you can still access all the features from wifi
  • I have a Motorola, lot's of force closing.
  • Been playing w/Amarino for a few days - supposedly it works w/SparkFun's BlueSmirf - haven't got my HTC Hero communicating yet (incomplete BlueTooth stack impl?) but the the following event types look VERY promising:

    Compass - Sends heading in degrees [0-359] 0=North, 90=E, 180=S, 270=W
    Orientation Sensor - Sends orientation data in degrees [azimuth, pitch, roll]
    Accelerometer Sensor - Sends acceleration data in m/s^2 [x, y, z]
    Magnetic Field Sensor - Sends magnetic field data in micro-Tesla [x, y, z]
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    Oh they do and Sony just announced a fairly wide screen one, I like Sony stuff me ;-)


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    Do Android phones not have wifi?? I know nothing about them.
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