Guyz i'm so happy to let you know that Atas Defiance - an fpv racer airframe is now available at

I'm extremly proud to say that have an exlusive distribution rights for the airframe, this distributer has raised the bar in quality and customer support so many times its just ridiculously awesome!

AtasSphere might eventualy consider openings for other retailers.

Beta kits are being shipped so we are very excited to hear what fpv enthusiast have to say about it, stay tunned! :)

We are geniuely interested in delivering proven airframe to the market, this is the reason why we decided to call the first Batch a Beta one, airframe as is is the final solution!

However this does not mean in any way you cannot order the kit if you want it now, you can preorder yours today! :D

Few more Photos :)





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  • This preannouncement was made here because diydrones is were it all started and thanks to exposure this today is a reality., afaik diydrones are open to this kind of promotion, if anything is not in order i will personaly make sure this blog complys with rulez.

  • From first glance it seems you are correct... Perhaps a commercial offerings subsection is needed?

  • is this a sponsored ad? i'm confused.

This reply was deleted.